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Our team of attorneys provide high quality and coordinated advice on matters involving the full range of commercial law.

Among the core competencies of the law firm Kolb, Blickhan & Partner with offices in Darmstadt , Mannheim and Gera is


Labour law

with a focus on employment termination, severance payment and formal cautioning. Over the past two decades, labour law has developed into an independent field of commercial law which is barely comprehensible without sound professional knowledge. Our lawyers will help you understand the diversity and complexity of the legal guidelines and court decisions on topics such as employment termination, postcontractual non-competition clauses and letters of reference, and give you best-possible representation before the labour courts.

Contract law

In this highly diversified legal field, we advise and represent our clients regarding the bespoke preparation and reviewing of contracts, and in contractual negotiation matters, as well as in the fields of contractual execution and enforcement of our clients’ rights, such as

Sale and purchase of goods, leasing, franchising

Internet law

as well as divisions focusing on IT law and IP and Internet law. Particularly in the age of Web 2.0 and constant computer and software usage, these three areas are becoming increasingly intertwined.

IP law (intellectual property law) is the term given to the rights associated with intellectual property and industrial property rights, i.e. in the broadest sense: copyright law, trademark law and competition law. Parts of press law / media law (general protection of personality law) are also covered by this area.

IT law encompasses all matters connected with information technology and its usage. A key area here is software contract law, which also has a significant overlap with copyright law.

Internet law is a highly complex field ranging from legally compliant online shops (terms & conditions of business, competition law etc.) to provider contracts, and from common misapprehension about cautioning to file sharing.

Publishing, media and press law are also covered in the framework of IP, IT and Internet law. Our clients include a large number of small and medium-sized publishing houses which we advise on specific legal matters and represent in and out of court.

Why not meet our team of lawyers specialising in Internet law, IP and IT law?

Data security

We are advising our clients on data-security law. The topic of data security is playing increasingly centre stage in this day and age of social media, cloud computing and data privacy compliance guidelines. As your lawyers, we can advise you in this field too. “Prevention is better than cure.”

  • Data security law

  • Corporate consulting

  • Management and staff training

  • Data security

Further competencies of our legal team is

Industrial legal protection and copyright law

Competition, trade and corporate law

Law relating to economic and fical offencesoffences